Terms of Service

  1. All booking require payment upfront. Unfortunately, post payment is not currently offered.
  2. Please ensure your garden bin is placed out in front on the morning of the appointment (no later than 08h00). Failure to do so may result in a bin fee of $10 to collect and remove your clippings.
  3. If for some reason (weather, illness, unforeseen etc.), that we are unable to complete your service on the day booked, we will endeavour to do so on the next available day (likely the next day).
  4. We may photograph your front lawn at the end of the service for follow up and feedback enquiries.
  5. If a vehicle or any other immovable item is restricting us from completing the service on a section of your mow, we will mow around it but charge for the full service. We will not return later to complete the section.
  6. All services booked will be conducted if not cancelled more than 1 day before the booked service.
  7. If any rocks or any objects that would damage our equipment is on the lawn, we may refuse to mow the lawn and provide a credit until such time that the impediments can be removed.